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wizard world new orleans


$10 Donation

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winner #3

Winner receives a Sad Sack HD No 10 Complimentary Copy for Armed forces CGC 8.0 and Director Jonny HArvey's Authentic Autograph and Producer Patrick Meaney's authentic autograph.

Sad Sack was in fact loved by Millions.  Grab this one to give to an elder nerd or a die hard collector.  HArvey fans or collectors alike will love this additional piece. 

we'll pick a winner January 11th, record it and make the announcement by January 13th 2020

on youtube, facebook and instagram

This raffle has to follow the rules of the State of Louisiana 2019/2020.  The items on this page are below the $250 threshold (however the value could increase rapidly 24hrs after sweepstakes).  WE ARE NOT SELLING tickets for $10.  The donation is requested and used for further Ghost Empire Documentary promotions and events.  No purchase necessary to be entered into raffle. Entrants must be residents of the United States of America.  Canadians are cool but the laws are different.  Donate anyway we'll send usps then via moose.  We ask that you fill out the form 100% accurately to avoid mistakes or errors. Winner doesnt have to be present to win.  Winners are pulled from a hat on the weekend of January 11th in New Orleans 2020.  This event will occur on camera and be released on facebook, instagram, youtube and other comic book outlets.  YOUR NAME WILL BE ANNOUNCED unless otherwise noted in writing at time of entry.  All items raffled are authentic and 100% accurate in description.  Autographs will happen ON CAMERA and be documented and SEO'd on the internet via website, youtube, facebook, instagram, piterest and other popular weblications.  Items will be insured in shipping but are irreplaceable. We may not be able to replicate or replace items damaged in transit.  

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